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Rock and Roll was never just music to us. It was an attitude. A mindset that inspired both how we surf, and how we saw the world. To honour music’s influence on surf culture Quiksilver is commemorating some of its biggest icons through this limited edition.

  • Experimenting with concept albums and studio effects, Pink Floyd showed us an abyss of progressive and psychedelic rock, blowing minds and leaving us creatively enlightened.

    Quiksilver Music Collab Pink Floyd - T-Shirt  EQYZT04129
    1 Colour
    Quiksilver Exclusive*


  • Enraging censors and mixing bone-crushing riffs with gloomy lyrics, without doubt Black Sabbath are the undisputed godfathers of Heavy Metal.

  • Without doubt Britain’s most iconic post-punk band. Joy Division’s legend continues and is just about the coolest music you could listen to.

    Quiksilver Music Collab Joy Division Logo - T-Shirt  EQYZT04134
    1 Colour
    Quiksilver Exclusive*


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